**Parental Alienation Anonymous Inc Social Media Policy**

**1. Purpose:**

Parental Alienation Anonymous Inc (PA-A.org) recognizes the significance of social media platforms as valuable tools for educating, advocating, and supporting parents, grandparents, children, and family members struggling with parental alienation, estrangement, erasure, and disconnection. This policy outlines the guidelines and principles that govern our social media presence and engagement.

**2. Inclusive Engagement:**

Our social media platforms are designed to create an inclusive environment that caters to various individuals seeking support, information, and resources. We welcome all members of our community, understanding that diverse pathways to healing exist. All our social media platforms represent the overarching organization and aim to provide access to the full spectrum of our programs.

**3. Representation:**

Parental Alienation Anonymous Inc maintains a unified presence across all its social media platforms. These platforms are intended to represent the broader mission, programs, and initiatives of PAA. We do not establish separate social media accounts for specific programs within the PAA organization unless deemed necessary and approved by the organization’s leadership.

**4. Autonomy and Local Groups 12-step groups:**

While our social media represents the organization at large, local 12-step groups and secretaries have the autonomy to explore the creation of their own social media outlets. Specifically for members of PAA 12 step groups if desired. If a local group decides to establish a separate social media presence, it is essential that the content aligns with PAA’s values and mission, ensuring consistent messaging and adherence to ethical standards.

**5. Doorways to Support:**

We recognize that individuals within our community may choose to engage with different aspects of our organization. Our social media platforms act as doorways to various avenues of support, including the 12-step program, our podcast, foundational training, and the Family Hope Project. Our messaging is designed to encompass all these pathways, acknowledging that each person’s journey is unique.

**6. Content Guidelines:**

Content shared on Parental Alienation Anonymous social media platforms should reflect our mission of healing, support, and education. Posts, comments, and discussions should maintain a respectful tone and promote a safe and inclusive environment. Content that is offensive, divisive, or unrelated to our mission may be removed at the discretion of the organization’s administrators.

**7. Advocacy and Education:**

Our social media platforms serve as tools for advocacy and education. We encourage the sharing of informative resources, articles, and stories related to parental alienation, estrangement, and family disconnection. All shared content should be accurate, credible, and aligned with the PAA Inc mission.

**8. Privacy and Confidentiality:**

Respect for privacy and confidentiality is paramount. Any content that may compromise the anonymity or confidentiality of individuals or groups within PAA Inc should not be shared on our social media platforms. Members are advised to avoid sharing personal information or sensitive details that could jeopardize the privacy of themselves or others.

**9. Moderation and Enforcement:**

Administrators of Parental Alienation Anonymous Inc social media platforms have the responsibility to moderate content and ensure that discussions remain respectful and constructive. Any violations of this policy may result in posts or comments being removed and, in severe cases, individuals may be restricted from participating in our social media communities.

**10. Continuous Improvement:**

This social media policy is subject to periodic review and updates to ensure its alignment with the evolving needs and values of Parental Alienation Anonymous. We welcome feedback from our community members to enhance the effectiveness of our social media engagement.

By adhering to these guidelines, we aim to create a positive and supportive online space that reflects the values and mission of Parental Alienation Anonymous Inc.