parental alienation support group

To qualify;I am an alienated father of three daughters 27,24 and 20 years old, I am also an alienated grandfather. (WE QUALIFY AT EACH PA-A.ORG SUPPORT GROUP MEETING BEFORE WE SHARE OUR THOUGHTS FOR THE DAY)

This year the addition of my Parental Alienation Anonymous support group meetings and community has been life changing. I have a community I see SEVERAL TIMES A WEEK ON ZOOM CALLS, and I also have folks that I text and exchange calls with daily.

I have support that MY family and friends could not provide. I do not need to explain my feelings and or behaviors that are associated with PA, what a relief.The meetings are structured with a leader and secretary. There is a script that they follow in order to keep the meeting safe and orderly. It is a place of recovery, a place we get to tell our stories and also work on our emotionally and spiritual recovery. Every one has 3 minutes to share and 1 minute to wrap up.

THE MEETINGS are a place of hope and change.In the context of systems theory in general and family systems in particular, the number one leverage point is the individual. That means you and I are the most important leverage point (intervention point) in our family systems. We have to be the healthiest version of ourselves when we engage with the system. I used to try get everyone to listen to me, to understand all the trauma and drama and help me get my kids back. I was operating from a reactive fragmented place. I exasperated the situation often and lost opportunities to create sustainable change. I was responsible for so much of the carnage. Today with the help of the 12 steps of I show up from a grounded, integrated space most of the time. Attorneys, therapists, judges and other folks no longer view me as a emotionally reactive threat. I am now able to contribute to the solution. I wish I would have had a community like this in my early days of PA it would have made a world of difference.


  1. James Miller

    I am looking at the website to try to find the phone list and the sign up for service positions. Can someone direct me to them? Thanks.

    • HI Jim,

      You are already on the phone list and an email was sent out awhile ago with access I will resend it today. Makes sure to double check your spam. You can respond to the email with service positions you are interested in and we can set up a zoom call after that to discuss options.

      thank u for reaching out

      • Justin Asbury

        I would like to attend one of these meetings

        • HI Justin, You are on the email list, when you receive the email weekly please look at the meeting times and convert them to your time zone. Then click on the link at the appropriate time.

          hope to see you around.

      • Debra Buckles

        I would like I formation for zoom meetings. Have been alienated over 10 years due to their drug use and father. Problems coping.

      • Angel M Kooken

        I’d like to have weekly emails and meeting times

        • You should have just received an automated email with all the meeting information. hope to see you in the meetings

  2. Kris Brown

    I am systematically being erased and it’s killing me.

    • HI Kris,

      It’s a horrendous situation for us all. It sounds like you are really struggling with the loss. Guessing some support would be useful? Our groups are great, they help build community and a solid base for regaining a semblance of control of your life. Sign up on the contact form on the web site, if this might be useful.


    • Josh

      Hi, I’d like to join the PST meeting for today, but I’m not finding where to get the sign in info. If someone could point me in . right direction or email it to me before the start, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  3. Kathleen

    I am dealing with adult children who I have been alienated from due to the lies and manipulations of their father. It seems like the people around me don’t want to touch the issue which compounds the hurt and loneliness.

    • HI Kathleen,

      Sounds really hard and frustrating. WE have a great community of parents, grandparents & other relatives at our meetings. You would benefit in getting some consistent support I would guess. Fill out the contact form to get added.


  4. Dallas wilson

    When will law come in to punish people for this disgusting action of abuse

    • HI Dallas,

      Their are folks out there doing some great work on this front. Hopefully we see something soon:))

  5. Arnie Smith

    I would like to attend one of these meetings please.

    • HI Arnie,

      I have added you to the weekly email with meeting times and links. I also emailed you links for this week, please check your inbox.

      hope to see you at a meeting

  6. James

    Can you send me a link to the zoom meeting?

      • The community is awesome & supportive. I added you to the weekly email list with meeting times and links plus some other info.

        hope to see you at a meeting

  7. Inna

    I am trying to figure out if these meetings are in person or remote. I would like to attend to learn and share my experience.

    Thank you

    • HI Inna,

      we would love to have you join our community. It really is a beautiful place of support, shared reality and a place to grow emotionally and spiritually. I will add you to the email list, all meetings are currently on zoom. 7 meetings a week, 6 days a week. Try some different ones as participants and topics vary.

      You will have an email in your in box in 30 minutes , please check your spam if you don’t see it.

      happy days:))

  8. HI Kelsey,

    It would be great to have you volunteer once you try some meetings and make sure the community resonates with you. I will send you an email directly. You can sign up through the pop up or the contact page.

    happy day

  9. Corey Mathews

    Hi – I am interested in starting meetings
    – please send me the links
    Thank you -Corey

    • Hi Corey,

      You have been added to 1x weekly email list with all the information you will need.

      hope to see you around:)

  10. I have been dealing with this for almost three years now and only recently came to understand this is a phenomenon beyond my personal one. I would love to get involved and share what I can to help others as well as myself to find some peace and healing amid this incredibly painful and tortuous challenge. I am currently on day 773 of consecutive days with at least one meditation session. I am trying to use this as a spur for positive growth. Please let me know when meetings are.

    • Sounds like you are getting a lot of relief out of meditation. YAY U

      An email went out to you on Wednesday with meeting information and links. Please check your spam if you don’t see it.

  11. Ella

    I would like to be sent the weekly links for the meetings, if you can please.needing support. And also to be signed up for the newsletter.. cannot find the sign-up link? Can you please assist. Thank you very much.


  12. James T

    I’m feeling a lot of fear around joining this group. I’m afraid I will only harm myself by engaging my thoughts and emotions around the loss of my children, but maybe I’m wrong and this is exactly what I need. My situation is 100% my responsibility to manage, but less than 10% my fault. I am a victim and my children are victims and pretending that’s not true is just that, pretending. Please tell me if this is a group founded on self-blame because I will only “Monday morning quarter-back” myself so far. Thank you.

    • The group is a great place to work on yourself and start your healing process. It is not easy and it is incredible rewarding. When Im alone with my thoughts only I tend to exasperate all challanging areas in my life. I added you to the group email, please check your email or spam.

      hope to see you at a meeting

  13. Mark Jacobsen

    Hi, How do I join a group? I can’t seem to find the zoom link, Thanks in advance for some help, Mark

    • please check your spam, weekly emails have been going out to you with all the meeting info. I also sent you an email today with a copy of the last email.

  14. Terri

    I would love to attend meetings in my area or on zoom. Please email me information. Thank you.

  15. Anthony Caballero

    I would like to attend these meetings please.

  16. Meredith

    Are there in groups in atlanta ga

    • Sorry no groups in person. I would suggest trying some zoom meetings as there are plenty of folks from your region of the country. I will email you some info:))

      • Karolyn

        Could you please send me a zoom link for your meetings? I’d like to try a few.

  17. Shelly Krinitt

    Please include me in your meetings.

  18. Bennet Sebastian

    Would like to attend the next zoom meeting

  19. Lisa C Vargas

    I would like to attend meetings and start a support group based in Maine.

    • It would be great to have in person meetings in Maine. Please attend some zoom meetings and then reach out and I will be happy to get you all the information to start an in person meeting.

  20. lee

    When are zoom meetings and can i get a link?

  21. Jennifer Wright

    Interested in being a part of these meetings. Thank you

  22. Laura Worzask


    I would like to join the meetings for this group. Please send me the info or link.

    Thanks so much!


  23. DC Brown

    I would love to join the zoom meetings!
    Where do I register?

  24. Eliza

    How do I join a zoom meeting online/ how can I get a link

  25. Melissa P

    I would like to join the PAA GROUP and attend much needed meetings..
    Thank you,

  26. Elyssa Goldman

    Looking to join a support group of parents who have been alienated from their children.

  27. Rita Kenefic

    Hi, I am having trouble finding the links to the PA Zoom meetings. Can you help?
    Thank y

  28. Nicole

    I would really like to join the zoom meetings.

    Thank you!

  29. Karin Rexrode

    I have been alienated from my oldest son by my narcissistic ex-husband for 3 years now. My son doesn’t contact me and barely sees me. The grief is unbearable and now I’m terrified he will try to alienate my youngest son who his very close to me. I need help and support. I feel
    Ike I’m stuck in a never ending grief cycle. Please help.

    Karin Rexrode

  30. Cheryl Cohen

    I would really like to join the zoom meetings. If I can get the link, that would be so appreciated.

    Thanks, Cheryl

  31. Sad dad

    Please send information on joining online group