The Family Disappeared Podcast

We’re a community of parents, grandparents, children, aunts, uncles and family members struggling with disconnection, alienation, estrangement and erasure from our kids, grandkids and families lives. WE are a recovery based community. We believe that healing ourselves emotionally and spiritually gives us the greatest opportunity to be the best people, grandparents and parents we can be.

By concentrating on healing ourselves emotionally, spiritually and physically we are acknowledging that we are important, lovable and that the work to heal the family system needs to start with us, the individual. As we learn new coping mechanisms, new ways to communicate and other life skills, we start to transform our lives.

Here are some wonderful pdf’s if you want to learn about our free 12-step meetings.

This is the magic. From this place of transformation, our kids, grandkids and other family members get to see a different way to navigate life and family.

Our podcast is about hope, change, love, doing your own interpersonal work, community and the best practices from professionals and organizations all over the world.

  • The first three episodes are about our community and organization and a little bit about our director and host Lawrence Joss.
  • Episodes four and five showcases a panel of parents and grandparents talking about their story and recovery.
  • Episodes six and seven discuss somatic therapy and practical tools to get into your body and regulate your nervous system with guest, Dr. Mandy.
  • Episodes eight and nine include a panel of alienated folks talking about what not to do as an alienated parent and grandparent.

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