PA-A Literature

In PA-A we use Al-Anon literature. Al-Anon’s Path’s to Recovery is the primary text we use. It has all the steps and traditions as well as questions for each. We use this as a guide when we have a sponsor take us through the steps. The links will take you directly to Al-Anon’s website to order the books. Please feel free to support Al-Anon by purchasing the books directly from them or if need be, purchase them from another source.

Paths to Recovery link

Courage to change is our other primary literature. It is a daily meditation and reflection compiled from all of Al-Anon’s literature. It is a great daily prompt to write on, meditate on and use in our daily practices out in the world.

Courage to Change link

Below are several other books that are used in various meetings. Read and explore as much as you can. Recovery comes from the books, meetings, fellowship, and steps.

How Al-Anon Works link

Opening our Hearts, Transforming our Losses link

Discovering Choices link

From Survival to Recovery link

PA-A Literature



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