Divorce written out in scrabble blocks


When my ex and I separated originally I centered my then wife and tried everything to bet her back. I begged, I pleaded and at age 36 I offered to give up my family, if she would just take me back. I was totally enmeshed and reliant on her feeding on me EMOTIONALLY. I THOUGHT IT WAS LOVE! I was part of the alienation cycle and was willing to alienate everyone I loved for her. Leaving my marriage nearly killed me. The anxiety and panic attacks from the alienator no longer feeding off of me was unbearable. I was anyone OF my kids today!!!
person recognizing their part in PA


When I was still in my marriage and part of the family system I was unknowingly complicit with Alienating some of my family . My kids were never allowed to sleep over at my parents house. My mom never owned a car seat because she wasn't allowed to take the kids by herself. My sister wasn't allowed to take the kids on any excursions by herself. I thought this was okay and that my wife just really loved our kids.