WHAT IS A 12 STEP MEETING? (common questions)

12 Step Meeting Parent Alienation Anonymous

How does a meeting work?

-12 step meetings are a group of people struggling with the effects of a disease. We come together to share our experience (what happened), strength (how we are learning to take care of ourselves), and hope (what changes we see as a direct result of coming to meetings and working on ourselves with the help of the 12 steps). It’s a place to not be alone anymore a place to have a shared reality. No one can relate to you as well as another person struggling with the same challenges.

Why is it called 12 steps?

-There are the 12 steps that we practice in order to recover some serenity and love in our lives. It’s a program so we gradually do these steps starting with step 1 and working them in order. It’s usually a process that each individual works at their own pace. As we start to work with the pain and loss of alienation we see our lives start to transform.

Who goes to meetings?

-Anyone that is affected by the disease. Parents, adult children, grandparents, other relatives, and friends. Anyone struggling with the effects of being alienated from someone they love is welcome.

Can I just listen?

-Yes, you can just listen, and on zoom, you have the choice to have your camera on or off.

Are there any fees?

-No there is no fee online, in-person meetings will sometimes pass a basket to cover the rent of the room if any.

Is it a cult?

-This is not a cult; it is folks suffering and looking for support and to be supportive. It’s a place for recovery and support.

PA-A at a glance

PA-A Facts PDF

PA-A Newcomer Booklet, to share with new comers at every meeting PDF

How to start a PA-A support group meeting PDF


  1. Lindsay de Wolf

    I would like to try this out to see if it would help.

    • HI Lindsey,

      We hope to see you at the meeting tomorrow night at 630 pm PST, if you haven’t received the link please let me know and I will send it too you. 12 step groups have saved me many times..:)) I can’t do this alone, it’s way too difficult.

      • Rasha

        Hi am so grateful to find a friend who recommended this to me as am suffering from that topic and I would have it as mission to raise awareness about as its not that familiar seems like no one talks about.
        But I just didn’t get it does meeting starts OCT 28th or starts on this SAT please advice thank you so much
        I just sent an email but didn’t receive a replay

        • Hi Rasha,
          There are 5 meetings a week currently, with more starting soon. Here is the link to meeting times and schedule……….. if you signed up for the weekly email you will receive the links on Wednesdays weekly..please let me know if you have any other questions.

          pa-a support

      • Jean Clare Baaden

        Please send link for 12 step.

        Thank you

        • You should have received an automated email with all the meeting information. hope to see you in the meetings

      • Casie Omundson

        Do I need to start at step 1?

        • You can attend any meeting you want no need to do them in any order and we suggest trying several to find meetings you like:)) If you are working the steps, yes you start at 1 and gradually move through them usually with the help of a sponsor.

  2. Anita Saini

    I am interested..what can i do to start?

    • Hi Anita,

      I have added you to the email list, you will get meeting information and links on thursdays.

      happy day
      PA-A support

      • Brenda H.

        I have been alienated from a 12 year old boy for the past year. It has been very difficult for our family. I am hoping for support from others going through this same situation.

        • HI Brenda,

          That sounds so incredible challanging and painful:(( The meetings are a great place to hear similar stories and not feel so alone. It’s also a place of loving community, hope and resilience. We look forward to seeing you at the meetings.

          happy days
          PA-A support

      • Denise

        I’d really be interested in attending a meeting. It’s going on two years for me, and I’m struggling.

        • HI Denise,

          We send out meeting schedules and links on Thursdays, I subscribed you so look out for the links coming later today and then Thursday afternoons weekly.

          we look forward to seeing at a meeting if time permits….

          thank you
          PA-A support

  3. Ted Mooningham

    I’m alienated! 2 kids one 14 and one 18

    • Hi Ted,

      What a challanging situation, must eat you up!! Have you subscribed to the meetings email and newsletter?

      PA-A Support

  4. Kasey

    I can’t find the meeting schedule. Is there only one and it’s on Saturday?
    Look forward to meeting others.

    • HI Kasey,

      We send out meeting schedules and links on Thursdays, I checked and you already subscribed so look out for the links Thursday afternoon.

      we look forward to seeing at the Saturday meeting, there is also a meeting on Monday nights 630pm PST, you will get that link as well.

      thank you
      PA-A support

  5. Stacy

    I would like to attend a zoom meeting

    • Hi There,

      hope you are having a good day:))

      I added you to the email list, we send them out every Thursday…..please look out for it

      thank you


  6. Cheryl Williams

    I would like to attend and participate in the support zoom meetings please

    • HI Cheryl,
      I will add you to the email list, it goes out Thursday-or Fridays. It will have links to all the meetings as well as a great resource list.

      happy day

  7. Preeti

    I would like to attend. Please send the zoom link

    • Hi Melissa,
      Sorry for the incredible late reply, I totally drooped the ball and forgot to respond to your comment. I just added you to the weekly email list with meeting links and resources. We have a meeting tonight, it’s great you can participate or just listen. please let me know if there are any other questions.

      happy nite:)

  8. Jennifer

    I am very interested in joining a group. How do I get the link to join tomorrow’s group?

    • Hi there, You will have an email in your inbox 5-10minutes with all the meeting links and times, please check your spam if you don’t see it.This email comes out once a week on Wednesdays.

      You are getting an additional email this week only, as you are new.

  9. Betty

    My adult daughter “Tina” and her husband “Ben” have told me they want me to take a break from their children. Tina just had her 2nd baby and I went over to visit got into a disagreement with my daughter and they sent a heartbreaking text telling me that they want me to take a break from their children and that Tina will contact me when she is ready. 15 years ago Tina’s dad succeeded in alienating her from me and it took 10 years for her to forgive me for “wrongs” I committed. We never got back to being mom and daughter. Is it too late?

    • Betty,

      That sounds incredible painful:(( I do not know if it’s too late, this disease has so many complexities. I do know that by going to support group meetings and working on myself my life is incredible full and robust. I have added you to the weekly email, if you want to do some work and join a loving, welcoming community of folks struggling with all the layers and complexities of alienation come and and join us.

      good luck on your journey

  10. Nancy

    Please add me to your meeting list. Thank you.

  11. Jennifer

    Hi There, I just added my email via the pop up. Do you know how long it usually takes to get the links? I was hoping to jump right in and start with a meeting tomorrow (Sat July 30)
    Thank you so much.. this is finally a place where others can relate the incredible pain I am going through 🙁

  12. Brian

    I would like to attend these. Can someone help me get the weekly links.
    Thanks, Brian

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