GENERAL Secretary script PA-A meetings

Hi my name is ……………… and I am your PA-A secretary. (please qualify) My name is……. And I am an alienated……….. I have……kids and please identify what contact you have.

I would like to thank ……………our leader. A special request to everyone attending meetings. If could please keep your monitors on when possible to help create a culture of safety and consistency for community members.

PA-A is volunteer run organization for parents, grandparents, children, step parents, aunts, uncles and all relatives and family affected by this disease.  To anyone new to the PAA community, PAA sanctioned meetings are listed on the weekly calendar.  Any other meetings you might hear about are not sanctioned or linked to PAA in any way. 

A special welcome to the new comers. It takes dedication and bravery to show up to a new meeting. We welcome you and invite you to stay awhile. Listening to others experiences can be somewhat scary at first, it takes a bit to hear the message of recovery & hope. It usually takes 5-6 meetings to adjust to new meetings and formats. It has been a slow process for all of us. I AM PUTTING A PDF OF THE NEW COMERS BOOKLET, THE NEW COMERS WHATTS APP GROUP LINK AND NEW COMERS AMBASSADORS TELEPHONE NUMBERS IN THE CHAT .. NEWCOMERS AMBASSADORS (ANSWER QUESTIONS ABOUT THE MEETINGS) –JEN K  831-428-3498 (PST). –STEPHEN C  281-799-8967(CST) NEWCOMERS WHATSAPP GROUP

We now have a community resource page, please share any additional resources you have so we can continue to build a useful, current and robust library. I am putting the link in the chat. Send additional resources to

BIRTHDAY ANNOUNCEMENT…..MONTHLY We acknowledge the birthday’s of our children, grandchildren and other alienated people in our life at this meeting. Does anyone have a birthday celebration this month ( be specific January ect)? If so please raise your hand, once called upon please say your child’s name, birthdate & age.

Happy birthday to everyone celebrating. It can be a hard, challenging and triggering time. We as a community are here to support you. Extra meetings, out reach calls and reading of literature are some suggestions for these times.

Please let me know in the chat or via email if you would like to volunteer and or be of service. Volunteering is a great way to integrate yourself into the group. ASK FOR A SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT, PICK A member that has a service position & ASK THEM TO share about their experience in service…..LIMIT IT TO 20-30 SECONDS.

Meeting time is for sharing your own experience, strength and hope, if you have any questions please wait until after the meeting is complete, the zoom link will be kept open for questions and fellowship for approximately 10 minutes. Self promotion, promoting of other groups and non approved literature is not permitted during meeting time.Please let the secretary know in the chat if you are having any issues in the rooms.

WE have a phone list at this meeting. It is very useful to connect with folks for support or just to say hi in between meetings. please message me in the chat if you want to be added.

Is there anyone new to this meeting? We ask you this not to embarrass you but to get to know you. Please say your 1st name, IF YOU ARE AN ALIENATED PARENT, GRAND PARENT, RELATIVE OR FRIEND.



Qualifying Example. My name is……. And I am an alienated……….. I have……kids and please identify what contact you have. PLEASE KEEP YOUR INTRODUCTION TO THESE 3 ITEMS YOU WILL HAVE TIME LATER IN THE MEETING FOR A MORE COMPLETE SHARE.

We will now have a sponsorship announcement. (call on someone to share for 20-30 seconds on what sponsorship means to them.) post this link on what is sponsorship If you would like to find out about our sponsorship pods, volunteer to be a sponsor OR get a list of sponsors available please email the sponsorship committee at-

New meetings will be posted on the website and links emailed on Wednesday with any other PA-A related announcements. Please post this link to meeting schedule and links at all meetings for anyone that needs it.

READ Literature announcements…… We use Paths to Recovery as our primary literature. It is Al-Anon literature that we adapt for PA-A. Courage to change is also used, it is a daily reflection that we read, write and meditate on daily. They can be ordered online through any book source or directly from (POST this LINK DURING THE MEETING)

Are there any other PA-A announcement’s? Please keep your announcement brief, no more than 30 seconds to allow a maximum amount of time for the group recovery.

It takes a lot of courage to show up for meetings, we welcome you and applaud you for taking this step to take care of yourself.

I will now turn the meeting back over to our leader…………….

 LINKS/PDF’S to post in the chat


2- Community resource page, please share any additional resources you have. Send additional resources to

3-what is sponsorship pdf…… If you would like to find out about our sponsorship pods, volunteer to be a sponsor OR get a list of sponsors available please email the sponsorship committee at-

4-PA-A literature links

5-link to…meeting schedule

6-what is a group conscience


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