Working Step 7 Questions

Humbly asked them to remove our shortcomings.

In working step seven, some of us pray for the willingness to release our shortcomings and entrust that our higher power “will take them from us”.

  1. What does humility mean to me? List people I know who possess this trait.
  2. How am I humble? What can help me being more so?
  3. What old behaviors get in the way of my being humble?
  4. What defects am I ready to have removed?
  5. Do I believe that my higher power can rid me of my defects? How do I know this?
  6. Am I ready to ask my higher power to remove my defects?
  7. How do I humbly ask my higher power to take my shortcomings?
  8. Which shortcoming is causing the most trouble right now? What benefits do I get from it? What problems does it cause?
  9. How can I treat myself with compassion in my recovery and ask for the willingness to keep trying?
  10. Do I have a sponsor? If I don’t have one, how can I ask someone to help me?
  11. What character defects Will I have to overcome to allow myself to turn to a sponsor for help?
  12. What can I do to cooperate with my higher power in removing my shortcomings?
  13. What positive changes can I make in myself?
  14. What a positive trait do I want to develop or substitute for a trait I want to eliminate?
  15. What can I do this week to practice a positive trait?
  16. Have I had any fears removed from my life? Which ones?
  17. What negative behaviors or traits are lessening or have been removed?
  18. What slogan could remind me to find a substitute for a negative behavior I wish to release?
  19. Am I able to see challenges as opportunities to practice new character traits?
  20. Am I able to laugh fondly at my mistakes and not be devastated when I am not perfect? Can I love and celebrate my humanness while working for balance?
  21. As I turn my defects over to my higher power, are new shortcomings coming to light? If so, can I continue to ask my higher power for help?
  22. As I work step seven, do I see a change in my relationship with my higher power?

Working Step 7 Questions



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