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Working Step 10 Questions

Continue to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.

Some members find it useful to make a chart that includes a list of typical personal weaknesses and strengths that can be checked off before going to bed. A mental review of the day chronologically or taking note of any event that produced uncomfortable feelings also works. The following questions may help develop the habit of continual inventory.

  1. What is the purpose of step 10?
  2. How do I feel about continuing to take a personal inventory?
  3. What means of taking a daily inventory is comfortable for me?
  4. What will help me continue to apply program tools when life gets rough?
  5. How can I be patient with myself if I feel I’m not growing fast enough?
  6. When might I need to take a spot check?
  7. What can I do with my spot check inventory?
  8. In a daily inventory I can ask myself:


  • What were the major events of the day?
  • What feelings did I experience?
  • How did I deal with them?
  • Did I get myself involved in any situation today I had no business being in?
  • What can help me to accept myself as I make mistakes again and again?
  • Did fear or faith to rule my actions today?
  • How can I admit my wrongs despite my pride and fear that it will get used against me?
  • Am I at fault for trying for peace at any price? What are my motives
  • How do I know when to make amends and when not to?
  • What positive traits did I exhibit today?
  • What negative traits did I exhibited today?
  • How did I try to fix anyone today?
  • How can I let go and let God?
  • Did I abandon my own needs today? How?
  • Have I been too accommodating, saying yes when I wanted to say no?
  • Was I afraid of an authority figure? Of anyone? Why or why not?
  • What’s small things can I do to practice standing up for myself?
  • How take on anyone else’s responsibility today?
  • What am I afraid will happen if I don’t take on extra responsibilities?
  • If I was wrong, did I promptly admit it?
  • What can I do to take good care of myself today?
  • Is there something that I need to take a longer look at? What is it?
  • Have I done something difficult or particularly well today? How can I appreciate myself for it?


13-How could sharing my daily 10 step inventories with another person, such as my sponsor, help me?

14-What characteristics show up most often in my inventory?

15-Why do I resist having them removed?

16-After practicing the 10th step, how have my feelings about it changed?

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  1. Pauline De fry

    I am new to the group and unsure what I’m doing. Is there a straightforward guide to joining a meeting and getting started. I have listened to the 5 fantastic podcasts and joined the group but to tell the truth doing this brings up anxiety, taking me out of my comfort zone. Is there any advice for this situation. Kind regards Pauline

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