Working Step 6 Questions

Were entirely ready to have my higher power remove all these defects of character.

The following questions may generate thought and discussion on step six.

  1. Have I completed working the first five steps to the best of my ability? Am I willing to go back and look at them if I feel overwhelmed working this step?
  2. What have I learned from my sponsor or another PAA friend on how they work step six?
  3. As a result of working step five, am I grateful that there is a step six to work?
  4. Do I clearly understand the concept of readiness?
  5. How do I know if I am ready?
  6. If I am not entirely ready, how might I turn these fears over to the higher power of my understanding?
  7. What fears block me from being entirely ready?
  8. Can I ask my higher power for the willingness to be ready?
  9. In what ways do I trust the higher power of my understanding in working the step?
  10. Am I willing to let go of all my defects of character? Why or why not?
  11. Which ones would I prefer to hold onto? What advantages do I see to holding on to them?
  12. Which defects of character also contained assets?
  13. What does “have my higher power remove all of my defects of character “mean to me?
  14. How do I trust and feel confident that my higher power is there for me?
  15. Do I understand why this step speaks only of my own relationship with my higher power? What does this mean to me?
  16. How am I grateful that I now know the higher power of my understanding?
  17. Cannot make a commitment to share in a P-AA meeting how I work the staff?
  18. How have I encouraged those I sponsored to work this step?
  19. Will I consider leading a meeting or workshop on the power of this step?
  20. What evidence do I see in my life today of my higher power’s willingness to help me improve my behavior? How can I do my part?
  21. Do I make demands on my higher power, praying for a specific results rather than trusting my higher power to know which defect is most important to remove?
  22. How can I look at all these characteristics from a fresh point of view today?
  23. Other then let go and let card what other P AA slogans or tools can help me with the step?
  24. What are my defects of character?
  25. How do I find them?

Working Step 6 Questions



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