Parental Alienation Resource List

12 Step Meeting Parent Alienation Anonymous

1-Recurrent Misinformation Regarding Parental Alienation Theory

1A-An online development course for alienated parents and their families with Karen Woodall

2-Understanding Stages of Grief applied to Parents Affected by Parental Child Abduction / Alienation / Retention

3-Research reveals parental alienation, partner abuse are similar

1-What is Parental Alienation? Great informative and useful video that is really useful as an aide in explaining PA.

Some judges can’t accept parental alienation, says psychiatry professor

1aa-Nick Woodall breaks down splitting (how the kids cope with their stressful worlds) ( and what is exactly happening for the kids, I loved this

1-ab3 part webinar that was just completed on the 5 factor model to identify PA

1a-Great Youtube video..Why are Experts so Confident about their Incorrect Conclusions on Parental Alienation?

1b-Erasing Families documentary, free on the app TUBI


1d-Preparations continue for the 4th PASG conference on Parental Alienation in Brussels. More information here:

1aa- great new blog.

1-b great new book….Litigating Parental Alienation: Evaluating and Presenting an Effective Case in Court. By Ashish S Joshi (2021)

1c-Parental Alienation: Who Does This? Forbes

1d-Psychology today, PA how you can help


1f- HOW TO COPE WITH LOSS, 2021 SYMPOSIUM (great to see live events pop up again) This is a great opportunity for anyone that is able to attend.



2b-ISNAF: Grief Program (small group learning.

2c-Great blog by Karen Woodall based in the UK. She is one of the soundest voices in this struggle.

2d- Great article form psychology today

1-Nick Woodall breaks down the disease and what is exactly happening for the kids, I loved this
2-Karen Woodall blog, she is based in the UK and her presentation and research is fantastic.
3-8 signs of parental alienation. Theres a bunch of key indicators you can google.
4-Erasing family documentary (You can download TUBI an app and watch for free)
5-In the eyes of the professionals (some of the most renowned specialists talking on a panel)
8- Love and Logic: Keys to Helping Kids Cope with Divorce – Audio


12-PAS Intervention:

At PAS Intervention, founder and members are dedicated to Ending Psychological Child Abuse and Parental Alienation through educational awareness, research/development, free online support groups, legislation, legal and any other venue available to PASI.  Please feel free to contact PASI at  

 The ISNAF organization, through its strong network of volunteers, donors and partners, is to provide support, education, and resources to families affected by the alienation dynamic; to advocate for change in the legal, mental health, and judicial system; and ultimately to eliminate the existence of parental alienation.


  1. Jo Ferguson

    I’m interested to learn more and sell help dealing with PA from my two sons.

    • HI Joe,

      Sorry for the late reply, somehow I missed the comment. If you aren’t already added to the email list I will add you today.

      hope to see you at a meeting


  2. Adele

    I’m trying to get link for Monday, 6:30 pm 12-step meeting.

    • HI Adele, I just emailed you please let me know if you don’t get it. I am also adding you to the weekly meeting list.

  3. Stephannie

    I am looking for a sponsor from the program to work with please.

    • Hi Steph,

      Thanks for reaching out. Sponsor ship is the backbone of any 12 step program, as we all need some support along this path. I will reach out to you through email and we can discuss some options.


      • Melissa Mahoney

        Can you also send me information regarding a sponsor

        • Hi Melissa,

          I added you to the weekly email and just sent you an email with meeting links & resources. There is a step study group starting soon and an opportunity for sponsorship at that time. Please let me know if you have any other questions.


    I am so happy to find this website and look forward to help getting through this never ending chaos as our divorce was final in feb 2017

  5. Victoria Bennett

    I am thrilled to find your support. Is finding a sponsor possible?

    • Hi Victoria,

      Finding a sponsor is definitely possible.

      You will need to attend regular meetings. Most people find sponsors and support in the meetings, after 4-6 meetings I can help connect you with some folks if you haven’t made a connection already. It takes this amount of time for folks to get acclimated to meetings and have some sort of consistency.

      hope to see you at meeting:))

  6. Jamie M

    My alienation started 13 years ago and has progressed to full alienation since July 2018. I had no contact with my children from July 2018 until March of 2021. I was wrongfully accused of molesting my son and now I’m being falsely accused of helping him run away. My contact with two of my three kids has once again been cut off since mid August. The stress of all this is causing me to become physical I’ll. I was told by my doctor that if I don’t get rid of this stress I will become worse and it will more than likely kill me. I’m getting ready to walk away. I’ve mourned my children once and I’m going to do it again. No parent should have to go through this!

    • HI Jamie,
      It sounds like an awfully painful road that you are navigating. I totally relate.

      My whole body started to shut down 8 years ago so I get what you are going through and what your doctor is suggesting. I had to start to do my own work, I could no longer get caught up in my narrative. I needed to take my life back. I did that through support group meetings, working the 12 steps, therapy, meditation nd other self care strategies. I feel great and I do not have my kids back, I miss them everyday but I have tools that I rely on and folks in my PA community that I support and get support from.

      The group meetings are free and a great place to start working on yourself. It is not a silver bullet, it is work and commitment. I hope to see you at a meeting.

      there is sunlight at the end of the tunnel, it doesn’t look exactly how I thought it would it still keeps me warm:))

  7. ann james

    My adult daughter, only child has consistently cut me off from my grandsons because I sent an email saying how hurt/pain I have felt for the past 9 1/2 years being treated as second best. The other grandparents are placed first and I finally let her know 9/7/2021. I am cut off; she won’t answer calls, texts or emails. I have apologized to her and her husband. All I do is cry, stare into space and feel helpless

    • That sounds so incredibly painful and lonely. I too am a grand parent and parent. My only suggestion is to try some of the 12 step support group meetings. The have saved my life, I know longer feel so alone and isolated.

      The program is not to recover your grandkids and kids it’s to recover a relationship with yourself. By us doing our own inter-personal work it gives us an opportunity to have a healthier richer lives with our family. It is hard but so worth it. I hope to see you at a meeting

  8. Jeanette

    Please I need a better understanding and support

    • Hi Jeanette, the best advise I can give you is come to the support group meetings. I suggest 3-4 a week for a month at least and then 2 a week after that. They have saved my life but it takes a lot of work and commitment. They are not a quick fix. Send an email via contact on the website to be included on the weekly email with meeting times and links.

      good luck

  9. Michelle Hands

    Hi, I’m in the UK but wandered wether I could still receive the newsletter or if you could provide me with any advice please or a UK alternative that may be able to help. My Ex is alienating my daughter from me and her maternal family network and support.

    Thank you.

    • you should received an automated email with all the information. hope to see you in the meetings…..we have a bunch of folks from europe attending meetings

  10. Aubrey Day

    I have been subjected to horrible parental alienation. My ex-husband started a campaign against me since my children were toddlers. It has grown to where I have had virtually no contact with my children since COVID-19 began. He began grooming the children early on that I was crazy as I have bipolar. They mimicked what he would say to me. He had me falsely arrested for domestic battery when he was abusing me, physically hurting me and cheating on me. I was the one who called the police as he was getting abusive again and was arrested. Following that, there was a CPS investigation and I couldn’t see my kids for 2 weeks. Of course, since I have never done anything to hurt my children, CPS had not no findings. My ex also dropped the false charges of domestic violence. My ex-husband is a powerful and very wealthy attorney and has used this to gain the favor of not only the Court but of my children. He has bought them expensive cars and $600 shoes all in an effort to gain their favor. Things that I could never afford.

    We were ordered to co-parent and I did. I passed all information on about the children to him no matter what it was. He has not co-parented one time. I have never been informed of vacations, illnesses, doctor visits, hospital admissions, calls from teachers. Nothing.

    I have suffered in agony since the beginning of COVID 19 when everything really ramped up & he was no longer compliant with the court ordered parenting plan and visitation schedule. He at no time has enforced their visitation and theatened that if I came to his house he would call the police for trespass. So, I called my kids about 3xs a week & continued to ask to see them every weekend , always being met with unanswered calls and nos to my wanting to see them. I advised my ex-husband all along that they are not complying and that he was in contempt. He even filed a false affidavit with the court and he’s a lawyer.

    Now, my daughter is 19 & never talk to her and my son is turning 18 next month. I know it is my fault for letting this go but I could deal with the rejection let alone having to battle in court with no finances to do so. My could have and did spend an extraordinary amount of money to make this happen. He promised he would ruin my life for the rest of my life. And he has. I haven’t been able to hold a job, I’ve become a recluse, I’m alienating everyone in my life and I am alone. No one seems to want to help or even understand how I am feeling….not even my family.

    I feel I am going die alone in the world and feel hopeless and like there is no reason to live or that I have a future. My mother also just passed and this has doubled my feelings of loss. I am basically non-functioning at this time.

    • You should received an automated email with all the meeting information. hope to see you in the meetings

  11. Susan Gaffney

    Where can I find a group near me?

    • You should have received an automated email with all the meeting information. hope to see you in the meetings

  12. Bryce Buchholz

    I’m having an issue because my son’s mom thinks that she can control when I speak to my son she has law enforcement against me telling me that if I try to talk to my son and everything it is harassment I’ve submitted court papers just waiting on a court date I have bought my son a phone in the tablet and those have been returned to me telling me that I’m not allowed to talk to him and everything I’ve been told that asking where my child is I don’t have the right knowing that she takes him around known sex offenders and drug addicts and drug abusers and child abusers but I don’t have the right to know or to talk to him I need help with this I have paperwork submitted into the courts to for family court but I’m lost I’m concerned and especially cuz law enforcement is not doing anything they’re backing her up saying that what she is doing is legal and she has the right to keep me from talking to my son in anyway

    • You should have received an automated email with all the meeting information. hope to see you in the meetings

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