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Hi All,

This is just a quick message to catch everyone up on whats happening in the group.

We now have support group meetings !!!6 days a week!!!.  Please try 5-6 different meetings in order to acclimate to the group structure, context of the 12 step recovery format and build some trust and community. It takes awhile to settle our nervous systems and start hearing the message of recovery.

  • Monday 630pm PST 12 step group specific topic
  • Tuesday 630 pm PST 12 step group specific topic
  • Wednesday 6am PST 12 step group specific topic
  • Thursday 630pm PST 12 step group and introduction to meditation
  • Saturday 9am PST 12 step group specific topic
  • Sunday 4pm PST 12 step group specific topic

click this link to learn more about the Non Violent Communication practice group

Most attendees register through the website pa-a.org so the meet-up people attending is always very low. Meetings generally have 10-14 people with some getting up to about 20 people. 

We are a recovery group so we spend most of our time on talking about useful solutions, tools and resources to help us grow as individuals in order to be the best integrated parent we can be. The ultimate goal is to reunite with our children but from a emotionally and spiritually stable place. Research has shown this is the single most important thing we can do to support our kids and any form of reunification.

Please visit the website and read more about 12 step groups and a plethora of other supportive brochures and literature. click this link

In our 1st year we have had numerous success stories with people reuniting with their kids. Every single persons shared link has been working on their emotional and spiritual capacity. Adding new tools and a supportive community. Most of them still attend meetings as the work in reunification and integration is as grueling as the fight to get this opportunity.

We will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary on the March 15th meeting. Individuals will be sharing on their recovery and what their lives look like thanks to the supporting and loving community of PAA.

New free trainings coming this year-

  • How to meditate which includes several small trainings in different modalities that you can adapt to your life and schedule.
  • Family systems theory. In an alienated family the hierarchy no longer exists. FST explores what and how the system operates. Intervention points and important PA markers.
  • Non violent communication. How to respond to texts, emails, letters and conversation through an empathetic lens. This helps create understanding and connection rather than distance and animosity. It relates to your children, alienator, lawyer, therapists, social works and any other players involved in your journey.
  • GRACE training. This is a technique Roshi Joan Holifax uses for folks in really intense emotional circumstances. It is a great way to interrupt anxiety, reactive thinking ad actions amongst a bunch of other things.

please message me directly with any questions and or suggestions.


  1. Tammy Desouza

    Hello , my name is Tammy Desouza . I was alienated from my daughter for 7 years . My son is beginning to come around but still have a lot of work to be done. My story is long but I wanted to connect with others to help with some strategies that I learned

    • Hi Tammy,

      An email will go out Wednesday with meeting links and times. Please check your spam if you don’t see it in your mailbox.


  2. Sandra

    Hello My name is Sandra Boen and I am a targeted parent and grandparent. Its true it is generational. I am wondering if there are support groups here for some one like me. See I was a single mom. Raised 2 boys up by myself and they turned out wonderfully. Until the Narcissistic Step Father took revenge out on me 4 years after our divorce. That was 25 years ago. My two sons idolized me and now well you know. So dont know if there is a place for me here. I need to be around those who are of no custody battle and much less means and ways to receive help. Thats what I am told. My kids are to old to do anything about it. So I am to just keep living in this hell until I die. Not something I am afraid I can do. I am bitter but nothing like I was. I am better but not were I should be. The thing is, is that it shouldn’t matter how old your kids are. My x waited deliberately til my kids were 21 then he made his campaign he and my sister. So the courts do not want to do anything about this because they are adults. Lawyers dent want to help bring charges least not with out 10s of thousands in their pocket. The alienator should have to pay for this and more. If there is any way I could get advice or connect with others in this same situation then maybe something could come from this.

    • Hi Sandra,

      The group meetings would be great place for you to find community and a different way of living. I added you to the weekly email list and I just emailed meeting info to you.

      hope to see you in a meeting

  3. Dana

    Hello- my husband’s children were, as he says, kidnapped about 20 years ago. The mother completely alienated them, moved to another state and refused to follow anything put in place by the courts. Her didn’t have the resources to defend himself and fight. We located the adult children a couple of years ago and tried to connect with them, but, they’re still living with the mother. His pain, obviously, runs very deep and I’m trying to find a place where others can relate, because, as hard as I try, I think it’s an itch I can’t quite scratch in the same way. Would this be an outlet for that? Thank you for your consideration.

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