The meeting timer is an incredible important service position. The timer keeps the meeting moving along and makes sure all participants get an equal amount of time to share.

1-Meeting participants get 3 minutes to share and 1 minute to wrap for a total of 4 minutes.

2-The leader of the meeting gets 4 minutes to share plus 1 minute to wrap up for a total of 5 minutes.

3-The timer will raise 1 finger to signify when there is a minute left in a persons share.

4-If the sharer doesn’t verbally acknowledge the 1 minute warning or nod in the affirmative the timer will interrupt at 30 seconds given a verbally notice of 30 seconds to go.

5-Once a person sharing time has elapsed the timer will politely interrupt by saying TIME.

6-This is where the timers duties end.

7-If a speaker continues beyond their allotted time it is up to the leader or secretary to interrupt and end the share.


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