Parental Alienation Checklist

Parental Alienation Checklist

Some courts may use a checklist to identify the behavior of a child and to relate it with parental alienation. The standard checklist includes:

  • Bad-mouthing the other parent
  • Lying to the child that the other parent doesn’t love them
  • Expressing anger or withdrawing love to pull the child away from the other parent
  • Making the child dependent and creating a distance between them and the alienated parent
  • Limiting contact of the child with the alienated parent
  • Pressurizing or forcing the child to pick one of the two parents
  • Brainwashing the child that the other parent could be dangerous
  • Not allowing the other parent to visit the child
  • Making the child check on or spy on the parent
  • Changing the child’s name so that there’s no association with the other parent
  • Hiding the information of a child with the alienated parent
  • Making the child call or meet a step-parent
  • Telling the child not to call the other parent ‘mom’ or ‘dad’ and instead, asking them to call them by their name
  • Creating fear in the child about the court, trial, and litigation procedures
  • Interfering between the child and parent’s communication
  • Limiting the pictures of the child with the other parent

Parental Alienation Checklist



  1. Sandra Durham

    My grandchildren were done this all the 10 things were done . But my daughter begs me to help her and I don’t know how. But her oldest child is seven and the great aunt went and pickedd the children up to spend Christmas with then .she was supposed to bring them to our house after their visit but she never brought them instead she took them to dss and reported my daughter from abandonment down to not having a job none of it was true this happened in 2017 . My daughter still hasn’t got her children back .we are just now getting to have something to do with them the little boy I think he was to young but my granddaughter tells her mom she doesn’t love her and is contshtslly giving her a ruff time I’ve had to get on her about the things she says to her mother. And the bad words that come out of that child’s mouth is ungodly . I ask them who taught y’all those words. They said the aunt did . And there’s a lot more .I don’t know how to get help for the kids my daughter doesn’t have custody of the kids so we can’t do anything for them. .I believe we all need help going through this the adults in this situation we know the truth .but the children it is really bad on their part . If we say anything about their behavior then they will take them away and we won’t get to see them anymore. .I am worried about them very much

    • this sounds incredible hard and so so challanging. If you decide you want help for yourself, please come check out some meetings. I added you to the weekly email list.

      good luck:))

  2. Amber

    How can you prove PAS? My daughter started rebelling and becoming extremely defiant at age 12 insert saying she wanted to go live with her dad and so I agreed because she was becoming truant. Since she’s been there our relationship has just gotten worse she has become physically aggressive towards me when she comes to visit me, hitting me and breaking things. Now she is cutting herself and threatening suicide if she has to come over. I have her two younger brothers still living with me. I can’t understand her anger towards me other than the fact that I think her dad and stepmom have turned her against me. They just act like they’re better than everybody and that everybody is scum compared to themselves. Her dad has just sent me an email stating that if I don’t agree to give up all my visitation including holidays that he will be taking me back to court. And he will have everyone testify that she should not come over. Until my tax refunds come back I cannot afford a lawyer, but even if I do get a lawyer I’m not sure lawyers, at least you’re on my area have been trained in parent alienation syndrome. My daughter almost acts like she has Stockholm syndrome and completely sized with her dad and stepmom now. There has been no research trauma although they treat her like she has and has her in trauma therapy! I don’t know what to do at this point. I’d appreciate any feedback you have.

    • I suggest attending meetings. You will get to meet other people struggling with similar circumstances and to to gain access to a bunch of different resources. All meetings are on zoom and accessible from anywhere.

      You can register on the website to the pop-up and get added to the weekly email lists or you can send an email to with any other questions.

      I hope to see you at a meeting. Have a beautiful day.

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