Parental Alienation Checklist

Parental Alienation Checklist

Some courts may use a checklist to identify the behavior of a child and to relate it with parental alienation. The standard checklist includes:

  • Bad-mouthing the other parent
  • Lying to the child that the other parent doesn’t love them
  • Expressing anger or withdrawing love to pull the child away from the other parent
  • Making the child dependent and creating a distance between them and the alienated parent
  • Limiting contact of the child with the alienated parent
  • Pressurizing or forcing the child to pick one of the two parents
  • Brainwashing the child that the other parent could be dangerous
  • Not allowing the other parent to visit the child
  • Making the child check on or spy on the parent
  • Changing the child’s name so that there’s no association with the other parent
  • Hiding the information of a child with the alienated parent
  • Making the child call or meet a step-parent
  • Telling the child not to call the other parent ‘mom’ or ‘dad’ and instead, asking them to call them by their name
  • Creating fear in the child about the court, trial, and litigation procedures
  • Interfering between the child and parent’s communication
  • Limiting the pictures of the child with the other parent


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