FAMILY DISAPPEARED PODCAST: Somatic interventions for parents with Dr. Mandy Part 1 – Episode 6

family disappeared episode 6

Have you ever experienced the feeling of dysregulation – and lashed out at a child or loved one because you were in a highly emotive state?

Dr. Mandy Cisler is a somatic therapist, coach, and founder of the ‘Healing Framework’.  She is an expert on a mind/body integration approach that supports you in regulating your nervous system. In this episode of “Family Disappeared”, she will share the tools of the somatic approach so that you can learn to check in with your body before reacting to a trying situation. 

Through learning about the invaluable work of Dr. Cisler, you will be able to identify behavioral patterns from your family of origin.  This, in turn, will allow you to discover how you can learn to listen to your body before speaking and reacting.  This will allow you to model and teach a new way of being to your children.

Please come along and learn how to start the journey of healing yourself to heal your life. 

In This Episode:

  • Learning to make better decisions with a somatic approach.
  • Check-in with your body to identify how you are feeling.
  • What effect will it have on a child if you show up in a highly emotional state?
  • Understanding how we ‘arrive’ with some form of dysregulation.
  • What are the key markers when looking for emotional dysregulation in a child? 
  • When is it okay to reinforce a boundary with a child?
  • Dr. Mandy showcases a simple breathing exercise.
  • Understanding the concept of ‘mirroring’ as it relates to dysregulation.

And more…

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