FAMILY DISAPPEARED PODCAST: Parent’s panel on living with parental alienation, estrangement & erasure pt.2 – Episode 5

family disappeared episode 5

 “I feel really safe in the PA-A community. And that’s allowed me to heal.” ~ Alienated  Mom

“How can I create deep and meaningful, loving, reciprocal relationships in my life?” ~ Alienated Dad

‘Alienated Mom’ and ‘Alienated Dad’ are in conversation with Lawrence Joss in this, the second part, of a thoughtful interview that sheds light on the subject of family alienation from the personal perspective of two anonymous alienated parents. 

Finding one’s voice in a fellowship; coming to terms with life itself; finding a Higher Power; and even creating a family of choice through fellowship are all sensitively articulated by Lawrence’s two anonymous guests. There is also useful insight into the 12 Steps which are used for recovery by the Parental Alienation Anonymous program.

This podcast episode is about carrying this message to any alienated family member out there who might be suffering alone. You are not alone.

Please come along and learn how to start the journey of healing yourself to heal your life. 

In This Episode:

  • What does it feel like to be part of the PA-A community?
  • Understanding the role of a sponsor.
  • Creating a ‘Family of Choice’ through Fellowship.
  • Understanding the PA-A 12-Step Process.
  • What new skills have Alienated Mom and Dad learned through the program? 
  • Is there an alienator inside of you?
  • Learning to slow down and to reach out for help.

And more…

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This podcast is made possible by the Family Disappeared Team:
Anna Johnson- Editor/Contributor/Activist/Co-host
Glaze Gonzales- Podcast Manager
Kriztle Mesa – Social Media Manager
Gen Rodelas-Kajabi Expert
Kim Fernandez – Outreach Coordinator

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