FAMILY DISAPPEARED PODCAST: Parent’s Panel on Living With Parental Alienation, Estrangement & Erasure Pt.1 – Episode 4

family disappeared episode 4

What does it look like to recognize that you suffer from parental alienation?

What can you do about it? Where can you turn to for support?

 Meet ‘Alienated Mom’ and ‘Alienated Dad,’ whose identities are protected in this episode for the sake of anonymity.

The two are in conversation with Lawrence Joss, sharing parental alienation, and the joy of discovering Parental Alienation Anonymous. Finding support out there for coping with your family system, and practicing the tools of a recovery process that teaches you to look at yourself, has provided hope for ‘Alienated Mom’ and ‘Alienated Dad.’

You are not alone.

In this episode, Lawrence shares part one of an emotive two-part interview with two alienated parents who are currently active members of Parental Alienation Anonymous.  The discussion speaks to recognizing those issues you have a measure of control over, and how that allows you to change your life, and all of your relationships, for the better. 

Please come along and learn how to start the journey of healing yourself to heal your life.

In This Episode:

  • What was life like as an alienated parent before you found support?
  • What can you expect from a parental alienation support group?
  • Understanding how the disease of family alienation doesn’t discriminate.
  • What are the key differences between PA-A and other 12-step programs?
  • Is there any stigma attached to the rooms of PA-A? 
  • What does recovery look like and mean for alienated Mom and Dad today?
  • What ‘showing up’ in your family system means.

And more…

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This podcast is made possible by the Family Disappeared Team:
Anna Johnson- Editor/Contributor/Activist/Co-host
Glaze Gonzales- Podcast Manager
Kriztle Mesa – Social Media Manager
Gen Rodelas-Kajabi Expert
Kim Fernandez – Outreach Coordinator

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