1. Service term for secretaries is 6 months.

………….If you are unable to fulfill the term please find a volunteer to replace your position or hold an election for a new secretary to take over your role. WE ARE A VOLUNTEER PEER TO PEER LED ORGANIZATION WITHOUT SERVICE WORK WE DO NOT EXIST.

  • A group conscious will be held every 4 months, AFTER THE MEETING INSTEAD OF FELLOWSHIP TIME, to address any group issues and format changes. Announce this at the meeting 2 weeks prior to the group conscious. Everyone’s voice gets to be heard at the meeting. A timer might be needed if it’s a large group.
  • The secretary asks someone to lead the meeting on a weekly basis. It is usually best to ask someone in advance, even scheduling out several weeks ahead of time.


  • You will need to get a leader for each meeting. Please share the link to your particular meetings leaders format with them. Please be explicit and ask them to follow the format for sharing as outlined in the leaders script.
  • Open the zoom link 10 minutes before the meeting.
  • Enter zoom key code 303560 to become THE host of the meeting, assign a cohost if you need help managing the meeting, waiting room ect.
  • Activate the waiting room so you can approve folks that enter the meeting, this can be found at the bottom of your screen under security.
  • Please assign the leader or another person as a co-host in case your connection is interrupted or you need some assistance in managing the group.
  • It’s useful once you have some folks in the meeting to activate the remove participant feature under security in case of a breach. This will show a list of participants on your screen throughout the meeting in case you need to remove someone quickly.
  • If the Zoom host comes on the meeting before you arrive, you will need them to reassign you as co-host.
  • You have the option of been secretary or taking the leader position. If you choose the leader position you will need a volunteer to fill the secretary position.
  • If your leader doesn’t show up you can run both positions, this is not recommended as it is hard to manage all the logistics.
  • For security if all new comers don’t introduce them selves ask them via chat privately to introduce themselves to you only for safety in the group. If anyone doesn’t identify themselves please remove them from the meeting. You access this in security at the bottom of the screen.
  • You might at times need to put the serenity prayer in the chat box once the meeting starts. If you put it in the chat before the meeting starts only the people in the group at that time the chat is posted will see it.
  • Put the topic of the meeting or reading in the chat box once the meeting starts if the leader does not do this.
  • Collect any new members information that want to be on the opt-in phone list. Please email this to at the end of your meeting.
  • Make announcements (from the link provided) and collect any relevant information if needed. Relevant announcements will be emailed to secretaries.
  • Keep the zoom link open 10 minutes after the meeting. If you need to leave at any time assign the meeting to a trusted person as you log off.
  • Sometimes folks want to stay and chat longer than 10 minutes, assign the meeting to a trusted person when you need to go. Ask them for consent.




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