FAMILY DISAPPEARED PODCAST: Save at Least $10,000 on Attorney Fees in Family Court – Episode 15

family disappeared episode 15

Have you ever felt like a small boat lost in the stormy sea of the family court system? I know I have, and you’re not alone. I sat down with Larry DeMarco, founder of the Law Center and creator of the Family Court Custody Bootcamp, to unravel the complexities of this daunting process. A warrior who battled his way through the system, Larry shares his personal journey, and how it inspired him to empower others on their own. Don’t miss his hard-won tips on emotional resilience, crucial tools, and essential knowledge for self-represented litigants.

Ever wonder why the family court system feels like an uphill battle? Larry DeMarco shares his harsh experience with two uncooperative lawyers, which led to his decision to represent himself. His ordeal exposes the conflict of interests between attorneys, clients, and the legal system. We also dive into the murky waters of power dynamics and bias in family courts. Learn how Larry’s strategies could protect you against judicial bias and help you keep your ship steady. Join us on this journey, and become your own advocate in the family court system.

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