FAMILY DISAPPEARED PODCAST: Parenting Through Toxic Divorce, Narcissism, Alienation and Estrangement – Episode 14

family disappeared episode 14

Every parent’s journey is unique. Add in the complexity of dealing with parental alienation, estrangement, or disconnection, and you’ve got a recipe for a whirlwind of emotions. In our latest episode, we navigate these turbulent waters with our returning guests, Geo and Betsy. The conversation explores the fear and discomfort about bringing such a sensitive topic to light, especially understanding its potential to shake the very foundations of parental relationships. We acknowledge the significant shift in parenting roles, transforming from traditional roles to becoming coaches for our children. Additionally, we discuss the importance of community effort in instigating change and the beauty that lies in this challenging process.

We then venture into the realm of self-reflection and personal growth, uncovering the profound impact it has on our parenting journey. Through Geo and Betsy’s personal experiences, we unravel the reality that dealing with divorce and alienation is not only about our family but also about us. Accepting our failures as parents can be daunting, but it’s essential for our personal growth. It is through this acceptance that we can become better role models for our kids.

The discussion also highlights the power of accepting present circumstances and advocating for oneself amidst parental alienation. Betsy and Geo share their experiences of staying grounded in the present, advocating for their needs, and finding their authentic selves. The conversation stresses the importance of self-love and authenticity, regardless of the yearning for connection with our children. Our journey concludes with an exploration of healing through parental alienation, emphasizing that children should never have to choose between their parents. Tune in to this episode for a transformative exploration of self-discovery, healing, and personal growth. You won’t want to miss it!

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