FAMILY DISAPPEARED PODCAST: How to Prepare For Custody Battles When Battling Parental Alienation – Episode 16

family disappeared episode 16

When navigating the labyrinth that is the family court system, where does one turn for guidance and support? Enter Larry DeMarco, the founder of the Law Center and the Family Court custody bootcamp, an expert who knows the “ins” and “outs” of this intricate system. In this candid conversation, Larry generously imparts his knowledge, offering invaluable insights into the complexities of the court system, the importance of self-advocacy, and the choice of hiring an attorney versus going solo.

We’ll delve into the power of limited scope representation and self-advocacy, touching on the best ways to equip yourself with the knowledge you need to successfully make your way through the family court system. Larry’s sage advice on how to utilize your time and money wisely in high-conflict cases, and how to be your own best advocate, truly sets this episode apart. We also touch on the emotional terrain of family law, with insight from a friend of Larry’s, Lynn Steinberg, on parenting, self-care, and the significant impact of first impressions in court.

In an enlightening discussion, we dissect the inefficiencies of the traditional one-on-one legal model. Larry explains how pre-recorded topics could revolutionize the face of legal representation, saving both lawyers and clients precious time and resources. We also take on the challenge of finding limited scope lawyers, fleshing out potential solutions for this pressing issue. Wrapping up our conversation, Larry lets us in on the three key aspects of his Law Center, the bootcamp, and the resources he offers – essential tools for anyone embarking on a journey through the family court system. Listen in, equip yourself, and take control of your family court experience.

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