FAMILY DISAPPEARED PODCAST: Dealing With Shame and Guilt in the Family System – Episode 38

family disappeared episode 38

Embarking on a heartfelt exploration,  with myself, Geo, as guest host this week, we grapple with the heavy shadows of shame and guilt, those unwelcome companions that have trailed many of us from childhood to the labyrinth of parenthood. With the sagacious Allison Garner, an executive coaching connoisseur, our roundtable pulses with the shared beat of parent’s hearts, including tales from Anna and Juli. The dialogue weaves through the textures of leadership and parenting, discovering how the tenacity we admire in boardrooms can also fortify the bonds with our children, and how self-compassion serves as a beacon through our most testing times.

This episode doesn’t just recount personal crossroads; it lays bare the transformative journey that follows. Through the act of journaling—a simple yet profound tool—we learn to ‘get complete’, fostering a deeper understanding with our children and ourselves, even amidst the stormy seas of adolescence.

Yet, the odyssey doesn’t end there; it’s in the ruins of a family breakdown where the seeds of discovery are often sown. I share the solace found in the embrace of Parental Alienation Advocates(PAA), where self-work became the cornerstone of my healing. Our candid discussions traverse the rocky terrain of divorce, co-parenting, and facing false accusations, concluding that transparency and ongoing dialogue are the golden threads in the tapestry of rebuilding trust and understanding within our families.

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