FAMILY DISAPPEARED PODCAST: How to Combat Parental Alienation, Estrangement, and Erasure Through Non-Violent Communication Part 2 – Episode 37

family disappeared episode 37

As an alienated father, I’ve walked the rocky path of connecting with my daughters through the thinnest of threads, and that’s where I discovered the healing balm of Nonviolent Communication (NVC). With my guest, Mary Mackenzie, we unravel my journey, and offer you the tools to mend and deepen the bonds within your family, even when the waters of communication seem unnavigable. My story is one of listening, not just to the words of my daughters, but to the emotions and needs that drive us all, and it’s a story I’m eager to share with you.

Through the lens of empathy and patience, especially in the turbulent teen years, we examine how to manage our own emotional tempests, and extend a bridge of understanding. I’ll recount the surprising advantages of ‘making wrong guesses’ when attempting to empathize, a tactic that invites clarity and connection rather than distance. It’s not just about weathering the storm, but learning the dance steps to move in harmony with the resistance of a blossoming young adult, respecting their pace and space.

In our heart-to-heart discussion, we pivot to the ripple effects of NVC in all facets of life, highlighting it’s role in personal stress relief and enhanced communication. Mary and I also explore the channels of support such as the NVC Academy and community groups that offer solace to parents feeling the ache of estrangement. Glean wisdom from our open conversation, and consider this your invitation to practice NVC for more authentic, compassionate interactions that extend far beyond the family tree.

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