FAMILY DISAPPEARED PODCAST: Dealing with Shame and Guilt in the Family System Part 2 – Episode 39

family disappeared episode 39

Have you ever felt the weight of family dysfunction heavy on your heart? Together with Allison Garner and two passionately committed parental alienation advocates, we traverse the emotional minefield that so many face but few dare to discuss. Our conversation is more than just an exchange of stories; it’s a treasure trove of insights and strategies, with each of us pulling from the depths of personal experience and the wisdom of a 12-step program. We shine a light on the shadows of shame and guilt while uncovering the transformative role of acknowledging and validating the emotions of children caught in the crossfire of estrangement.

The journey through the tangled web of parenting, where missteps can leave lasting scars, is a path few can navigate alone. That’s why we pour our hearts into this dialogue, taking on the formidable challenge of setting boundaries and engaging in the tough talks that pave the way to healthy family connections. Our candid reflections on managing internal shame offer a guiding light for those of you seeking not only to heal but to thrive in the midst of these trials. By embracing personal healing and the strength found in community, we chart a course for ourselves and our listeners, towards an enriching life where the health of our familial relationships mirrors the growth within us.

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