FAMILY DISAPPEARED PODCAST: Combating Parental Alienation & Estrangement With Dr. Paul Jenkins’ Positivity Model – PART 2 – Episode 33

family disappeared episode 33

As I unraveled my own knots of estrangement and marital upheaval, I discovered the unexpected gifts hidden in life’s trials. Our latest podcast episode invites you into this personal journey, alongside insights from Dr. Paul, who illuminates the indispensable role of energy management in navigating the turbulent waters of family dynamics and child custody battles.

In the throes of adversity, it’s the transformative potential of our hardships that can lead us to a place of growth and creativity. Dr. Paul and I dissect the delicate dance of personal safety, righteousness, and their effects on our connections with others. We also question the impact of clinging to victimhood versus utilizing support groups as launching pads for resilience. Mary Louise Zeller, an 80-year-old 6-degree black belt in Taekwondo, graces us with her wisdom on the “white belt stuff”—the daily practice of gratitude and self-improvement that lays the foundation for a positive outlook.

Concluding with a heartfelt reminder of the power of love and gratitude, we beckon you to share these gleaned pearls of wisdom with those in your own circles. This conversation is an invitation to transform your mess into a message, a mantra to carry with you as you continue to foster happiness and well-being in every facet of life.

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