FAMILY DISAPPEARED PODCAST: Bridging the Divide: Relationships in the Shadow of Parental Erasure PART 1 – Episode 34

family disappeared episode 34

Have you ever wondered how the threads of a new family are woven together amidst the remnants of the past? On this heartfelt episode of Family Disappeared, we traverse the intricate path of remarriage and step-parenting. As your host, Lawrence Joss, I share a slice of my own life, revealing the profound impact of these transitions on children, and the power of inclusivity and understanding. Our panel of parents, including Steve and Alain, peel back the layers of their experiences to offer invaluable insights into the delicate process of fostering new bonds while nurturing existing ones.

Strap in for a raw look at the emotional upheaval that comes with reconnecting with children from whom you’ve become estranged. Steve and Alain open up about their steps toward healing the wounds of parental alienation, from the tentative beginnings of email communication to the poignant joy and sorrow of witnessing their children’s life milestones from the sidelines. Their stories lay bare the tough reality of mending parent-child relationships, navigating financial discussions, and the often-unspoken struggles that come with these efforts.

But the journey doesn’t end there; understanding parental alienation can be a transformative moment for many. Listen to Alain and Steve share their tales of confusion and guilt, and how a newfound awareness has guided them towards recovery. We examine the lifeline that is community support, and the integration of alienation awareness in counselling practices.  This episode is a testament to the resilience of families, the compassion of new partners, and the profound journey towards healing and reconciliation.

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