FAMILY DISAPPEARED PODCAST: Combating Parental Alienation & Estrangement With Dr. Paul Jenkins’ Positivity Model – PART 1 – Episode 32

family disappeared episode 32

When hope flickers in the darkness of life’s toughest moments, transformation awaits.  Dr. Paul Jenkins, a psychologist specializing in positivity psychology,  joins the conversation today, illuminating the path to emotional wholeness. The conversation includes Dr. Paul’s response to the heart-stopping diagnosis of his son’s cancer, and champions the resilience that springs from hope, and the relentless pursuit of self-improvement.

Imagine a world where our perceptions don’t imprison us but instead liberate us, where the weight of circumstance is but a feather on the scale of our minds. This revelation forms the crux of our conversation, where we delve into the power of positive thinking. We unveil how shifting comparisons, from the despairing to the hopeful, can transform our emotional landscape. This conversation is a testament to the strength we have to paint our experiences with the hues of positivity, altering the canvas of our lives.

As the episode draws to a close, the power of community comes to the forefront. The exchange of stories and questions through email isn’t just encouraged, it’s vital. It’s in the sharing of wisdom where true growth blossoms. So, as I extend this invitation to you, our listeners, to engage and connect, let’s remember that together, we’re building a bastion of support for each other, a place where hope thrives and the spirit of positivity prevails.

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