FAMILY DISAPPEARED PODCAST: What NOT TO DO If You Are an Alienated Parent, Part 2 – Episode 9

family disappeared episode 9

“We try to be the best version of ourselves we can be, but it takes time, and it takes work.” ~ Lawrence Joss

Many people often make the mistake of thinking it is the job of other people to fill the voids and mend the broken pieces within us.

However, WE are the only ones who can do the inner work to better ourselves. While we need the right tools, and the guidance of the right community, it all comes down to the work we are willing to do within ourselves. It’s a process that takes time, but the results will be transformational.

This episode is the second part of ‘What NOT to Do if You Are an Alienated Parent’. 

Renèe and Georgette delve into the patterns they repeated in order to get the attention of their kids, and how this tied into the thought process that, as parents, they are only loved and needed when they get a response. They share how things changed throughout their healing process,  and how these changes resulted in better connections and relationships with their loved ones. 

Please come along and learn how to start the journey of healing yourself to heal your life. 

In This Episode:

  • Renèe and Georgette share how they go through the cycle of reaching out to their children to calm and regulate their nervous system.
  • How finding a community of people that understand where you are coming from can positively impact your healing process.
  • The tools we can immediately access to give us relief such as music, sports, and nature.
  • Renèe shares the conversations she had with her sons after things changed for her.
  • The impact of people noticing the changes and growth throughout, and after, our healing.
  • Finally feeling satisfaction and contentment with ourselves, and our relationships.

And more…

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This podcast is made possible by the Family Disappeared Team:
Anna Johnson- Editor/Contributor/Activist/Co-host
Glaze Gonzales- Podcast Manager
Kriztle Mesa – Social Media Manager
Gen Rodelas-Kajabi Expert
Kim Fernandez – Outreach Coordinator

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