FAMILY DISAPPEARED PODCAST: Surviving Thanksgiving as an Alienated, Estranged or Erased Parent Part 2 – Episode 18

family disappeared episode 18

As families gather this holiday season, the empty seat at the table can be a painful reminder for parents alienated from their children. But what if there are ways to handle these gut-wrenching moments, and ultimately, find paths to healing and reconnection? Tune in as we share our raw experiences, and the coping mechanisms we’ve discovered.

In this deeply emotional episode, we tear open the often ignored topic of parental alienation’s impact on holidays. Listen to our panel of parents narrate their battles of spending these special times without their beloved children. Through their stories, you’ll feel the palpable pain, the simmering hope, and the resilient spirit of parents navigating this tough terrain. And believe it or not, it’s not all about suffering. We’re also dishing out actionable strategies to manage these challenges, like maintaining open lines of communication with loved ones, and the underestimated power of self-care.

Wrapping up the episode, we tackle the convoluted task of navigating holiday plans amidst a backdrop of complex family dynamics.   Shedding labels, setting boundaries, managing expectations – we cover it all from a profoundly personal lens. So, no matter your situation – single parent, estranged parent, or parent in recovery, we’ve got you. Let’s walk this journey together, let’s transform the pain into strength, and remember, you’re not alone. Join us, and be part of this healing journey.

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