FAMILY DISAPPEARED PODCAST: Not Divorced – What Alienation Can Look Like Within Intact Families – Episode 26

family disappeared episode 26

Have you ever felt caught in the middle of your parent’s silent wars, loving them both yet torn by their underlying discord? I’m Lawrence Joss, and in this poignant conversation, we explore the complex world of parental alienation within intact families. Joined by Ceyhun from Turkey, we offer a cross-cultural perspective on family estrangement, and the silent battles that shape our internal and external worlds. This episode promises an introspective journey through the landscapes of enmeshment and codependency that often trace back to before children even enter the picture, setting the stage for a cycle of generational trauma and dysfunction.

Parental relationships can be a delicate web of emotions and expectations, where the line between caregiver and confidante is often blurred. This episode peels back the layers of such dynamics, spotlighting how they can project internalized parental roles into our adult lives and relationships. We open the dialogue on the all-too-common phenomenon where children become the caretakers of their parents’ unaddressed issues, leading to a deep-seated struggle for independence and self-identity. With our guest Ceyhun providing insight into how these themes play out in diverse cultural settings, we bring to the fore the necessity of recognizing these patterns for what they are: a call to embark on the path to emotional liberation.

Finally, we wade into the tender waters of emotional incest and the yearning for connection amidst parental alienation. The stories shared in this chapter serve as a mirror for listeners who might find reflections of their own familial challenges. The conversation goes further, addressing the potent desire for paternal recognition and how one’s sense of masculinity can be entwined with these formative relationships. As we wrap up this episode, remember that our shared narratives are the stepping stones towards healing, and that you’re not navigating these waters alone.

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This podcast is made possible by the Family Disappeared Team:
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Glaze Gonzales- Podcast Manager
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