FAMILY DISAPPEARED PODCAST: How to Write an Amends Letter With Parental Alienation Specialist Josh Coleman Part 2 – Episode 25

family disappeared episode 25

Have you ever reached for pen and paper, hoping to mend bridges with heartfelt words, only to find yourself at a loss? Dr. Josh Coleman joins us to explore the cathartic journey of writing an Amends letter, a voyage that might begin with you, but has the power to heal entire family systems. In a conversation that’s as raw as it is insightful, we tackle the nuances of apologies and the personal growth that emerges from truly acknowledging the impact of our actions on our children. The art of the Amends letter is not just about saying “I’m sorry,” but about opening channels for deep, transformative connections. 

Navigating the complexities of strained family relationships requires patience, acceptance, and oftentimes, a strategic touch. We unveil strategies that can help parents and children alike to initiate and nurture the path toward reconciliation. With Dr. Coleman’s guidance, discover the delicate balance between too much information and just enough, the importance of framing conversations positively, and the maturity needed to let go of being right in favor of closeness. This episode doesn’t just offer a beacon of hope; it provides practical steps for anyone ready to heal old wounds and forge stronger bonds with those they call family.

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