FAMILY DISAPPEARED PODCAST: Non Violent Communication and Family Constellation Systems Part 1 – Episode 28

family disappeared episode 28

Embarking on a healing journey often feels deeply personal, yet it’s a path that can resonate with many. My own voyage through the valleys of disconnection to the peaks of joy, love, and community has been marked with profound interactions and insights. In our conversation, Sarah Peyton, an expert in nonviolent communication and family constellation therapy, joins me to unravel these transformative practices, and how they can rewire our relationships and self-perception. Together, we explore the symbiotic relationship between interpersonal neurobiology and emotional healing, offering you a lantern to navigate the often dark corridors of personal change.

Trauma can weave itself into the fabric of our lives, but understanding it’s patterns can lead to self-compassion and recovery.  We also look toward the light, highlighting the crucial role of embracing life’s positive moments and cherishing connections. The practice of family constellation therapy illuminated my relationships with my children, revealing the capacity to support them beyond physical presence.

As we close this chapter, I extend an invitation to you, our listeners, to engage with our ongoing dialogue. Your experiences, questions, and topic suggestions are the lifeblood of this community. We’re committed to sharing a diversity of perspectives on recovery and personal growth, and we can’t do it without your voice. Join us as we continue to build this neighborhood of dialogue and discovery, and stay tuned for next week’s episode, which promises to bring another enlightening segment to your ears.

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