FAMILY DISAPPEARED PODCAST: Navigating the Legal System Through a “Child-Centric Approach” With Expert Cathy Himlin Part 2 – Episode 49

family disappeared episode 49

Ever wondered why the current family law system feels so inadequate? Join us for an enlightening conversation as we tackle the urgent need for family law reform, prioritizing the well-being of children over contentious litigation. We sit down with Cathy Himlin, an expert in both the foster care system and family law, to explore how channeling resources into counseling and support can significantly reduce conflicts and help families heal. Cathy shares her profound insights into the similarities between the foster care system and cases of parental alienation, offering practical legal processes that could be adapted to improve outcomes.

In our compelling discussion with Cathy, we dive into the emotional trauma and attachment disorders that children face in high-conflict divorces. Cathy sheds light on how attachment ruptures in these situations can mirror the emotional harm seen in foster care cases. Our conversation emphasizes the critical need for timely intervention and supervised visitation to prevent prolonged separation and additional trauma. We also discuss the importance of skilled therapists who can help children articulate their feelings of rejection and begin the healing process, making a strong case for systemic change.

We then shift our focus to the pressing need for family court system reform. The discussion highlights the lack of child-centered training for judges and attorneys and proposes the introduction of specialized roles such as court officers and trained social workers to provide essential insights into family dynamics and child development. Finally, we offer practical tips for parents on selecting effective therapists, stressing the importance of confidentiality, unbiased communication, and the right therapeutic approaches. Tune in for a rich discussion aimed at fostering better family dynamics and advocating for systemic change.

Click on the parent section on Cathy’s website to sign up for the free 15 minute consultation mentioned in the podcast.
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