FAMILY DISAPPEARED PODCAST: Navigating the Legal System Through a “Child-Centric Approach” With Expert Cathy Himlin Part 1 – Episode 48

Ever wonder how to support children caught in the turmoil of high-conflict divorce and custody battles? Join us as we host Cathy Himlin, a seasoned licensed marriage and family therapist, who shares her profound insights into family therapy within the court system. Through her child-centric approach, Cathy reveals the intricacies of helping children reconnect with rejected parents, offering listeners a unique look into her innovative modalities for mending broken relationships, and her specialized parenting class designed to aid rejected parents.

Navigating the complex world of court-involved family therapy can be daunting, but Cathy demystifies this challenging landscape. Learn about the “list of three” method for selecting therapists and the ethical dilemmas professionals often face. Cathy highlights the importance of maintaining clear boundaries and a child-focused approach, steering clear of controversial reunification practices. We also discuss significant legislative changes in California that are shaping the future of family therapy, emphasizing the importance of supporting and repairing family bonds without causing harm.

The journey doesn’t end when children become young adults. Discover the ongoing efforts parents make to maintain connections with their children even into their mid-20s and beyond. Simple acts like sending cards can have a profound impact, even if initially met with rejection. We introduce the Rejected Parents Newsletter (which you can sign up for on Cathy’s website),  packed with strategies for mending strained relationships. Drawing parallels between attachment issues in foster care and those in high-conflict divorces, this episode offers valuable insights into fostering resilience and healthy family dynamics. Don’t miss this enlightening discussion on therapeutic approaches in family conflict.

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