FAMILY DISAPPEARED PODCAST: How to Survive Christmas While Struggling With Alienation or Estragement Part 1 – Episode 21

family disappeared episode 21

As we step into the holiday season, dealing with family disappearances and parental alienation can feel like navigating an emotional minefield. Imagine unraveling the complexity of such experiences while striving to reclaim the joy of the festive season. Sounds challenging, doesn’t it? In our latest episode, we make space for this difficult conversation. Joined by our brave panel of guests who have lived this reality, we explore the emotional challenges they face during the holidays, their coping mechanisms, and their journey of healing.

Look forward to an honest conversation about the aftermath of parental alienation. Their journey within the supportive community of Parental Alienation Anonymous (PAA) is a testament to the power of understanding and belonging in the face of adversity. We also encompass the importance of reclaiming your life, and finding new ways to celebrate the holidays, while also setting boundaries to ensure your well-being. Together, we uncover ways to manage family dynamics during the holidays, and discuss supporting children and grandchildren through this emotionally challenging period.

Prepare for an emotional, powerful, and ultimately, hopeful exploration of familial loss, alienation, and the resilience of the human spirit to heal and find joy amidst the grief. Our guests’ strength and vulnerability in sharing their journeys towards healing and recovery is commendable. While this episode serves as a sobering reminder of the adversities some face, it also emphasizes the possibility of healing, connecting, and celebrating the holiday season in new and meaningful ways. Connect with us on this stirring journey, and remember, you are not alone.

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