FAMILY DISAPPEARED PODCAST: Healing Journey of a Once Alienated Child – Episode 20

family disappeared episode 20

Can you imagine the profound impact of family systems on children, particularly during instances of divorce and parental alienation? In a raw and insightful conversation, we explore this topic with our guest, Darryl, who was once an alienated child, and is now a father himself. Together, we dissect the role of codependency, the lack of boundaries, and the culture of people-pleasing within the family dynamic. A pivotal moment in Darryl’s journey was his awakening to his own alienation from his father, an epiphany sparked by attending a Parental Alienation Anonymous (PA-A) meeting that unleashed long-suppressed emotions.

Navigating the murky waters of emotional manipulation is an experience that resonates with many.  Darryl shares his personal experience of being caught in the emotional crossfire of his parents’ split, with his relationship with his father manipulated by his mother. Our conversation underscores the importance of creating a safe space for such intense discussions. The profound effects of these dynamics on children’s mental health cannot be understated.

Healing is a journey, and through the doors of the program, we find various pathways leading towards it. Hear from Darryl about his experiences in integrating into the community and finding value in the 12-step program, despite not subscribing to any religious beliefs. A heavy cloak of shame and guilt often surrounds the decision to reject a parent, a subject we touch upon with sensitivity. Join us as we delve into the nitty-gritty of parental alienation, offering insights into the healing process and underscoring the importance of reconciliation.

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