Parental Alienation Anonymous (


Mondays 630-745pm PST

Saturdays April 900-1015am PST

Mothers day May 9th 900-1015am PST

Emails go out every Thursday with meetings links. If you link doesn’t work please switch browsers, Google works all the time.

If you haven’t subscribed to the pop up please send an email via contact to be added to our weekly email meetings links.

Email for a zoom link and with any questions. Please click on what is a 12 step meeting for some basic information.

Our goal is to have daily meetings by June of this year so they are accessible to all. All of the meetings will be 12 step based. Some of the new meetings that will be starting:

-step study meetings-book study meetings-gender safe meetings-meditation meetings-11 step meeting

We will also have holiday meetings every year. Mothers day, fathers day, thanksgiving and Christmas. Please let us know if there is another holiday that you would like included.

In order to manage the logistics of all this we need volunteers, is 100% free and volunteer run. Please email us if you would like to volunteer or let a secretary know at a meeting.

I can use all kinds of help, please let me know what might be of interest to you.


1-Folks willing to secretary existing meetings or start a new meeting.

2-folks willing to promote the group through their own channels

3-website seo to maximize on blogs, pages and the website….using wordpress

4-proofreading and suggestions for new literature, meeting formats 

5-help in listing our group with other organizations and or groups in order to build connection, cross pollination and a coalition for change.