FAMILY DISAPPEARED PODCAST: Embracing Healing and Inclusivity in the Parental Alienation and Estrangement Dynamics – Episode 23

family disappeared episode 23

This season on Family Disappeared podcast, I, Lawrence Joss, alongside my new co host Geo, welcome you back for a deeply personal exploration of family dysfunction, and the transformative power of healing. With the added perspectives of experts like Josh Coleman, Karen Woodall, and Amy Baker, we’re widening the lens to include the BIPOC and LGBTQ communities’ narratives, ensuring no voice goes unheard in this journey towards recovery and understanding.

Embarking with us on the trail of inclusivity, Geo joins the conversation, bringing a fresh viewpoint to a table that’s been set for all. Together, we tackle the hard-hitting truth about representation in our media circles, committing to give a voice to those often sidelined. This season amplifies the collective heartbeat of stories from diverse backgrounds, including yours, as we introduce a segment for listeners to share their own tales of recovery. It’s not just about the stories we tell; it’s about the echoes they leave and the connections they build, forming a mosaic of experiences that can uplift and inspire.

As we wrap up this installment with a heartfelt thank you, it’s clear that the exchange of laughter, sorrow, and wisdom has only strengthened our bond with you, our dedicated listeners. Anticipating the wealth of knowledge from future guests like Dr. Josh Coleman and Sarah Peyton, we reaffirm our pledge to celebrate recovery’s highs and navigate it’s lows, together. So spread the word, bring along a friend, and let’s walk this path of transformation hand in hand on the Family Disappeared podcast.

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