The leader of the meeting is asked by the secretary to lead a specific meeting.

1-The leader will familiarize themselves with the topic of the meeting that day. It is suggested to spend some time writing and reflecting before you lead a meeting. Some folks come and read something they wrote, and they also share part of the time from what is alive for them in that moment. Some folks just share what is alive and don’t read anything prepared. There is no right and wrong.

2-It is suggested that a leader structure their share in 3 parts.

a-experience, what their experience is with PA past and or present.

b-strength, how their recovery is helping them change and grow in relation to their struggles in life in general and PA in particular.

c-hope, what they hope to see or gain in the future.

The secretary is the person responsible to keep the meeting running smoothly and arbitrate any difficulties that come up. Remember the secretary is volunteer and also a participant. The time commitment of a secretary is 6 months. After 6 months a new secretary is elected by the group. They are not perfect and will make mistakes at time.

1-Secretaries are required to open the meeting 10 minutes before the actual start time.

2-Operate and moderate the waiting room.

3-If there is a security breach, they have control to shut the meeting down or remove participants.

4-They will add any members that want to be included on the phone list.

5-They will keep the meeting open for 10 minutes at the completion of the allotted meeting time.

6-If you have any concerns with a meeting please email us or let the secretary know privately in the chat. It is their discretion if anything needs to be done at the time of conflict.

Tips for a well run positive PA-A zoom meeting PDF

PA-A at a glance PDF

PA-A Facts PDF


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