Once you sign up for the weekly newsletter (sent Wednesdays or Thursdays) which contains meeting links, new meeting announcements, group activities, group trainings and a robust resource list you will be able to access zoom meetings.

1. Click on the link for the specific meeting you want to attend. Meetings are usually open 10 minutes before the meeting for fellowship and questions. Folks will just be chit chatting and saying hello. You can participate or just sit quietly and listen.

2. Once it’s time for the meeting the MEETING LEADER will start the meeting. they read a format and introduction to the meeting. they will identify (name, how they are alienated, kids age, time alienated) and then read the balance of the format.

3. The leader turns the meeting over to the secretary for 2-3 minutes of house cleaning rules and announcements. the secretary will ask new comers to identify if they want (name, how they are alienated, kids age, time alienated. there will be plenty of time later to share your story) and then turn the meeting back over to the leader.

4. The leader shares for 3-5 minutes, makes another couple announcements and then the meeting is opened to anyone that wants to share. Sharing is voluntary only. You will usually have 3 minutes to share and then a 1 minute to wrap up.

5.If there is extra time in the meeting the leader will put a question/prompt in the chat so that there will be an additional topic to share on.

6. The leader closes the meeting with some announcements and anyone that wants participates in the serenity prayer to end the meeting.

7. We then have 10 minutes of fellowship to continue some conversations, ask questions or anything else that comes up.

PA-A at a glance PDF

PA-A Facts PDF

PA-A Newcomer Booklet, to share with new comers at every meeting PDF

How to start a PA-A support group meeting PDF


  1. Nicole Rue

    I accidentally clicked on something on the meeting schedule after I opened the link for the schedule and now it’s not showing me the days and times for the weekly zoom meetings anymore! I have tried to arrow back and navigate,\!| and erase what I accidentally did/clicked on! Nothing is working and I really would like to get a meeting schedule ASAP for the weekly zoom meetings so I can start attending these meetings! I really need all the help and support I can get right now! I’m struggling so hard with being alienated from my 3 daughter’s for so long now and it’s very difficult to maintain! Can you please re-send me the meeting schedule link for the weekly zoom meetings that are being offered? My email address is ;
    I would really appreciate it if you could sign me up for the newsletter and also email me a new schedule link for the zoom Parental Alienation Anonymous meetings /12 step program asap? Thank you again !

    Nicole Rue~

    • Once you fill in the contact page on this website you will receive an automated email with all the meeting information. If it isn’t in your main mailbox please check spam, social and promotions.

      If you still can’t find it please email parentalalienationanonymous@gmail.com & we will help you get on the meetings.

      Hope to see you in the zoom meetings.

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