Parental Alienation Anonymous non-profit 501(C)3: Budget 2023

Parental Alienation Anonymous 501(C)3: Budget 2023

Yearly Ongoing Expenses:

Expense DescriptionMonthly CostYearly Cost
Kinsta Website Hosting$70.00$840.00
Kajabi Platform$199.00$2,388.00
Virtual Assistants$3000.00$36,000.00
Corporation Assignee$249.00
Website Maintenance$350.00$4,200.00
Business License$100.00
PO-Box/Service for Documents$70.00$840.00
Total Yearly Ongoing Expenses$46,312.00

PA-A Convention/Conference Budget 2024:

Expense DescriptionTotal Cost
PA-A Convention/Conference$20,000.00
Total Convention/Conference$20,000.00

One-Time Expenses 2023:

Expense DescriptionTotal Cost
Podcast Initial Setup$7,000.00
Filing for Non-Profit Status$1,500.00
Website Buildout$2,500.00
DBA Filing$395.00
Total One-Time Expenses$11,395.00

Current Estimated Budget 2023:

DescriptionTotal Budget 2023
Yearly Ongoing Expenses$46,312.00
One-Time Expenses$11,395.00
Total Current Estimated Budget$77,707.00

Foundational Trainings:

Training DescriptionMonthly CostYearly Cost
NVC Facilitator (Weekly Zoom Trainings)$1,000.00$12,000.00
The Work Facilitator (Weekly Zoom Trainings)$1,000.00$12,000.00
Systems Theory (Weekly Zoom Trainings)$1,000.00$12,000.00
Grace Training (Weekly Zoom Trainings)$1,000.00$12,000.00
Somatic Introduction (Weekly Zoom Trainings)$1,000.00$12,000.00
Total Foundational Trainings$60,000.00

Budget with Foundational Trainings Estimated Budget 2023:

DescriptionTotal Budget 2023
Yearly Ongoing Expenses$46,312.00
One-Time Expenses$11,395.00
***Foundational Trainings$60,000.00
Total Budget with Trainings$137,707.00

***Foundational trainings and convention/conference will only be funded once funds are raised

This professional budget overview showcases the various expenses associated with Parental Alienation Anonymous (PAA) for the year 2023, including yearly ongoing expenses, the PA-A Convention/Conference budget for 2024, one-time expenses, and the inclusion of foundational trainings. It provides a clear breakdown of monthly and yearly costs for each expense category, ensuring transparency and accountability in the organization’s financial planning.


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